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About Us

IMAAG is an advisory company, not a security company; it was formed in 2011 on the basis of helping the mariner as much as possible before entering high-risk areas around the world and choose which product and security company would work best for them. IMAAG are used by varying clients for all types of security concerns, often outside of the maritime theatre.

As an advisory group, we do not provide armed guards or anti-climbing measures; we only provide best management practices and advice above and beyond BMP4.

Why Imaag

The director has been in the maritime security industry since 1986, a career within the Royal Marine Commandos and Britain’s maritime special forces: the Special Boat Service working with the Police, HM Customs and other government agencies- OGAs, nationally and overseas.

Since leaving the SBS, he has worked as a maritime security consultant for the United Nations, for the world’s leading oil and gas companies and most of the specialist security companies within the UK’s private security industry, using most products that detect and deter thieves and pirates. Drawn from this wealth of knowledge, with the aid of his consultants from the same background, IMAAG are qualified and recognized at providing these services.

In 2013 the director was asked to work with Lloyds Register in order to help audit Private Maritime Security Companies –PMSCs with the new ISO 28007.

This ISO/PAS 28007 is part of the global supply chain standard; ISO 28000 that gives established guidelines to PMSCs that supply privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships. Certification to these standards demonstrates to the international community that they, and their operatives, can legally, safely and effectively guard shipping.

LRQA achieves it’s accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for ISO 28000 including ISO/PAS 28007:2012 Guidelines for Private Maritime Security companies.


“To give international mariners the best, honest information available regarding to the ultimate maritime security systems available to prevent thieves and pirates from boarding your vessel or harming your crew”