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Maritime Anti-Piracy

Anti-Piracy in High Risk Areas

Our consultants have spent considerable time in maritime counter terrorism before working in the private security industry. Over the last five years piracy incidents have become more widespread especially around Somalia. Attacks have taken place over 700nm away as the pirates capture ocean going vessels and use them as long-range mothercraft before heading home and awaiting for the ransom to be paid.

IMAAG - Experts with Experience

Having worked in all high-risk areas from the smallest of private sailing yachts, to vessels under tow at sub five kts speed, right up to the largest of commercial vessels, we at IMAAG can give you the correct advice using the most modern equipment and professional companies available. With the newly amended BMP4, this excellent guide gives the Captain a great foundation of which to build his security with the help of the CSO and SSO.

We can fill the missing links and give the best advice when it comes to subjects such as; citadel emplacement, ship’s hardening and of course the controversial use of Private Maritime Security Guards.

Anti-piracy or Counter Piracy?

Anti-piracy is defensive; Defensive measures used to reduce the chance of an attack using anti-piracy tactics and lessen vulnerability of individuals and Ships to piracy acts.

Counter-piracy is offensive; Operations that include the offensive measures taken to prevent, deter, pre-empt, and respond to piracy.