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Pre-deployment Consultation

Commercial Shipping, Super Yachts, Sailing Yachts & Fishing Fleets

Our speciality is to give the mariner all the best information and training prior to the journey. Each package is individually tailored depending upon the area of risk, the type of vessel, the budget and season. A full situation brief is given; what has happened in that area, what is happening now and what is likely to happen during the clients voyage. Information packs and cue cards are given to assist with simple execution of tasks during an incident. These include contacting friendly forces and reporting, first aid management and calling for assistance, the piracy drill (including the citadel drill). Table-top drills and exercises are an excellent way to enhance the vessels crew and their knowledge so everyone knows what to do should an incident occur (this has been operationally tested and works every time).

Having received this briefing/training package the Captain and crew are much more comfortable when they sail, knowing what to expect and how to react should the need arise, the crew, often having never experienced such a dangerous threat, will be much more at ease and not as susceptible to sleepless nights and stress that would normally severely affect their operational performances. An IMAAG consultant will come to your port/vessel/company to deliver the brief and training package.

This normally would take 1-2 days depending upon the vessel and the amount of training/drills the client requires. Private sailors are often left forgotten; the escorts offered in the GoA move swiftly through hostile waters at high speeds that the smaller yachts and vessels cannot achieve; IMAAG provide a service aimed at this sector to give sailors the best practices to pass by such high risk areas (whether it be GoA Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Africa or Latin America).