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Vessel Hardening and Citadel Installation

Vessel hardening prior to entering a high-risk area will definitely help to slow down or maybe even prevent an attack leading to a successful kidnap scenario.

Correct Equipment for Pirate Prevention

Having worked on all types of vessel IMAAG can ensure that you are making the right choice of equipment and that it is erected, welded and bolted in the correct way.

There are multiple types of razor wire for example; the cheaper types, badly fitted and sagging in their rusting, single coils have been torn down by the aggressive actions of the pirates. We can fly to your homeport and ensure your vessel or fleet are using the correct methods and equipment. The practice of loading pallets of razor wire and stations and hoping the ship's crew (A.Bs) will fix in a suitable fashion will probably lead to failure.

Highest Quality for Maximum Security

Citadels are only successful if correctly located and have all the correct installations. Citadels can turn into death traps if they are found by pirates and set fire or flood the vessel. IMAAG have installed citadels in sailing and super yachts as well as a whole range of commercial vessels.

Some Company Security Officers or Captains think they have the perfect citadel, but an external antenna fitted to the citadel’s escape hatch will only indicate which hatch to cut into first or pour petrol or fumes into. We never stop learning in life; but we have yet to find a citadel that has been 100% correct, some have been too obvious and dangerous to the occupants.