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Maritime Security Consultancy - Expert Advice

Advising international shipping companies and mariners on the best products, services and companies from around the world to ensure the safest possible passage and to prevent illegal boarding from thieves and pirates.

Our maritime security experts were former Special Boat Service and Royal Marines Commando personnel, now with commercial experiences they specialise in pre-deployment briefing, training and recommendations prior to your departure, giving your crew the best advice and vessel protection possible before entering high-risk areas.

Consultation Services Specialising in Global Maritime Anti-Piracy

Why IMAAG? IMAAG is not another security company offering armed guards for your vessel; IMAAG is an advisory group that ensures you make the right decisions when considering which product or armed service provider to use.  IMAAG recognises the BMP 4 as an excellent foundation of which to base your ship's security upon; however we cover every aspect of making your vessel as safe as possible, whether it is a small private sailing yacht, slow moving tug or 400m commercial ship.  IMAAG is not affiliated to any product or company.